Willow is a loving, happy and active three year old. She eats well, walks, runs, plays. Willow has two sisters, Kylee 13 and Jenna 9. Both love their little sister and help with her all the time. Jenna dresses Willow up like her little doll and helps her slide down the slide, reads and plays chase with her. Kylee snuggles with Willow, pushes her swing and in her little car.

Devoted parents Amber Olsen and Thomas Cannan are very involved in the local community. Olsen is Past President of the Ocean Springs Rotary Club, and has served on the boards of many local and national non-profit and business organizations. Thomas Cannan is a United States Navy Retired Veteran of 20 years, where he served in the Iraq War with the US Seabees with Unit 133 and Desert Storm with US Navy. Tom also served in Rota Spain and in the USS Abraham Lincoln.




Warriors for Willow printable Summary

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